mergers & Acquisitions


Expertly Capture Market Potential

We help create shareholder value through research, planning and execution of M&A activities within the chemicals industry.

Our flexible range of services enables buyers and investors to access new markets, diversify, enhance R&D, add new intellectual property and supplement organic growth. Our team also works with clients to dispose of non-core or under-performing assets, or guide business owners through the sale process to achieve maximum valuation at exit. 

Our mission is to enable our clients to realise their strategic potential and outperform market expectations.  

CCD's M&A team offers a comprehensive suite of M&A and corporate finance advisory services, exclusively focused on the chemicals sector. Our team pairs extensive financial expertise with deep chemical industry experience to give clients unmatched insight into the global marketplace and uncover strategic potential. 

Realising business value

We enable business owners and investors to realise maximum shareholder value by leveraging our extensive global network of trade and financial buyers. Our team works closely with sellers to position their companies optimally for sale, repeatedly outperforming market valuation expectations through the identification and execution of unique strategic opportunities. 

Our services include:

  • Business preparation - we conduct an initial company review to assess market position, uncover growth opportunities and value key assets in combination with an examination of market conditions and M&A climate. Where necessary, our team may work with sellers in a consultancy capacity to optimise business value before pursuing a transaction.
  • Option evaluation - we provide insight into strategic alternatives, including business auctions, private sale and management buyouts. In conjunction with our team, clients elect the option best suited to achieving their objectives.
  • Market communication - we develop a comprehensive package of sale documents and marketing collateral including opportunity summary, information memorandum and due diligence checklists, as well as establishing secure data rooms. In our presentation of sellers we work to highlight not merely past performance but future potential based on potential buyer synergies, cost efficiencies and other strategic components to maximise shareholder value. 
  • Buyer selection - our team leverages our extensive global network of trade and strategic buyers alongside private equity investors to approach the most suitable potential purchasers in the international market. We manage communication and information-sharing with rigorous confidentiality, working with clients to select the ideal buyer. 
  • Negotiation & close - we manage every stage of the sale process, from preliminary negotiations through to development of SPAs and execution of due diligence. Throughout the final phase, we liaise with necessary lawyers, accountancy teams and other support professionals to ensure a successful close.


Growth through acquisition

When stakeholder needs are not met through organic growth alone, we help companies find and unlock suitable targets to meet their strategic objectives.  

By providing clients with access to our extensive networks in the often opaque middle and lower-middle markets of the chemical sector, our team gives buyers a critical advantage and ability to uncover unique deal opportunities before public auction or competitive buying scenarios develop. 

Our team leads buyers through each acquisition step, including:

  • Target criteria developent - we evaluate rationale and projected outcomes for all viable acquisition alternatives and work with clients to finalise specific criteria to create value.
  • Vendor dialogue initiation and management - our team permits buyers to access a unique global contact network of business owners and key decision-makers across the chemical industry. We approach and engage short-listed vendors with discretion, and lead discussions and information exchange towards formulation of a provisional offer.
  • Negotiation and close - we ensure clients achieve and close optimal deal structures, minimising both upfront and deferred consideration to create value and reduce investment risk.


Sourcing and securing funding

We work with clients to raise both debt and equity as part of their M&A transactions, helping to identify and connect with the most suitable financial investor to support strategic expansion. 

Our experience spans all types of external financing, covering:

  • acquisition financing - we help clients secure the necessary capital to execute acquisition strategies, ensuring suitable investment terms and structure for long-term success
  • development capital - cash injections can enable businesses to capitalize on market opportunities, whether for organic expansion, investment in R&D, acquisition of technology, diversification or other strategic initiatives. Our team's networks and expertise provide both access to capital and expert advice on securing the best terms. 
  • financial restructuring - when redesigning a company's debt and equity structure, CCD's M&A division provides stakeholders with the financial, strategic and operational insights necessary to make fully informed decisions concerning the best option for their scenario and objectives. With a strong background in debt advisory services, we support clients in the negotiation, planning of the implementation of the chosen solution.
  • management buyouts - the CCD M&A team has extensive experience in consulting with management teams considering MBO opportunities in the purchase of non-core business assets, acquisition of equity in distressed businesses, or buyouts from investors. The commitment of the right financial partner is pivotal to any MBO project, and we work to create the most suitable match for short and long-term success.



In 2017 I worked with both Peter and Matt Dixon on raising $30-40m from Private Equity and found them both to be extremely professional, very thorough, well connected and easy to work with.

They helped us in a very positive and creative way to put together an excellent presentation to attract the attention of the private equity houses in London and the north-east USA and in timely fashion got us in front of appropriate and interested potential investors.

They know the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, are well connected, focus on delivery and are sensitive to customer needs.

John Nicholson - Chairman, Gentronix
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